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15" Cracker Thin

Many Chicagoans refer to Chicago style as Thin/Cracker not thick/deep dish and get offended because media transformed Chicago into thick/ deep dish only. It's sauce is a seasoned/sweet purée. This pizza is cut into squares and is cooked in a gas brick oven at higher temp. Crispy and delicious, our cracker thin is Tony's favorite thin crust he makes. Perfect for 1-2 guests.


Our 13 inch Deep Dish is made with Ceresota Flour, English style butter, lard and cornmeal. Ceresota flour is commonly used in Chicago and is one of the oldest flour mills in the US. Most Chicago style pizzerias on the west coast don't even know of this flour, this makes our pizza especially authentic. Spinach is also a favorite topping in Chicago, and our pizza the Frank Nitti pays homage to this. Perfect for 2-4 guests.

13" Cast Iron Pan

Same dough as Deep Dish but has a different texture and thicker rise. Ingredients are layered on the top of the 1" thick pizza and sauce is dolloped over the top. What's unique about this pizza is the white cheddar crust that is butter crusted and cooked to the crisp to make it a one of a kind pizza. This pizza is cooked in a 15 lb cast iron pan and is chiseled out when the baking is complete. Try "The Dillinger" or "Crown Point" which both won best pizza in the world at the Pizza Expo. Perfect for 2-4 guests.


This pizza is available as a vegetarian dough which doesn't have lard in it. Perfect for 1-2 guests.


Similar to deep dish but with a lid/top made of dough and then sauce added over the top. Based on an Italian scarciedda which is an Easter pie made in Italy. Our stuffed also has Ceresota Flour, Corn Meal, Lard and English Butter. Our stuffed pizza is hearty, delicious and perfect for 2-4 guests.

Quattro Forni

In 2012, Tony competed — and won — the "Best of the Best" Pizza Challenge a Las Vegas' International Pizza Competition. Each team received a box of secret ingredients to make a pizza with, like on Iron Chef. Tony's winning pie was called Tre Forni, and he cooked it in three different ovens.

Our Quattro Forni (thick crust) is cooked in a 500° gas brick bottom oven for 6-7 minutes, is cooled then deep fried for 1 ½ minutes and is then topped with whole milk mozzarella, tomato sauce, chopped garlic before returning into a 500° gas brick bottom oven for 1 ½ minutes, next it is into a 650° Gas brick top/bottom/side oven before being finished in a 800° wood burning oven. Perfect for 1-2 guests.

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